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About Agromars

We are, Agromars, is operating an online and physical store on daily grocery for promoting consumption of healthy and safe food as well as sustainable livelihood of the smallholder farmer in Bangladesh. In this whole Juncture, we are very much focused on two kinds of business hubs. In Backward, we are developing Agribusiness Growth Centers in the rural areas and at the Forward, we built sales outlets. 

We create comfort for chose and pick and e-commerce for our consumers. Our effort goes to product procurement, grading, processing, and branding. We bank on indigenous and intermediate technologies. 

Our products are local, traditional and indigenous cereal food, Edible oil, Lentils, vegetable & fruits, Spices & Herbs, Animal protein i.e., meat, milk, eggs. Our motivation is to satisfy consumers with their everyday food and improve the quality life of the small farmers and processors. Behind all our products, we have a story to tell, which tells about origin, entity, producer’s life, consumer satisfaction.  

Currently, we are working with over 100 farmers and producers through one growth center and serving around 1,000 consumers. By the year 2022, we target to reach 200 thousands of consumers through its retail networks, enroll 5 thousands of farmers through Growth Centers. 


Mahmud Hasan
Managing Director & CEO

Mahamuda Rahman Khan 

Abdullah Zafar
Senior Director, Agromars Safe Food Network

Abdus Sabar
Head of Operations

Russel Beparih
Outlet Manager